Six Wireless Security Cameras Guaranteed to Keep Your Family Safe

Wireless security cameras are an essential part to any connected home.

Our homes are becoming more connected than ever. This also means are homes are filled with expensive devices that are easy to carry off. Wireless security cameras make it possible to watch your home – even when you’re not around.

Smart Home owners are opting to install security and surveillance systems to keep their families and valuables safe. Today’s wireless surveillance systems typically include video storage, and most can even integrate into your existing smart home hubs.

Here are five great camera options (and one terrible one) for high-def, 24-hour surveillance at a reasonable price.

We’ve listed six wireless security cameras below. But if you don’t want to read the entire article, here are our picks:

Wireless Security CamerasQuick View
Highly Recommended: Arlo Wireless Security Camera System ($499.99)See It
Best Buy: ZModo Wireless Security Cameras ($99)See It

Continue reading below for our review of all six wireless security cameras.

Canary Wireless Security System – $159.99 for One Camera

Canary Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: 1080p video quality, no contracts or fees, environmental sensors, free cloud storage, beautiful

Low: Lag and false motion alarms

360 Review: Canary bills itself as the “all-in-one home security device”, and it lives up to the hype. In addition to recording video in 1080p HD, Canary will also automatically notify sound a siren and the police when it senses a break-in. Setting this wireless security camera up is as easy as plugging it in and connecting it to the wifi using your phone. Once setup, your Canary will record video and audio when it senses motion. Canary also monitors the air quality, temperature and humidity of your house. Canary really is the all-in-one home security device.


Nest Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras – $185 for One Camera

Nest Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: Uses a standard power outlet, easy setup, great phone app

Low: Exposed power cable, cost for cloud video storage, web interface uses Flash, overall cost of ownership

360 Review: The Nest Outdoor Camera is similar to the Nest Indoor Camera, except it’s waterproof.  Reviewers rave about the Nest camera’s video quality, solid build quality and abilty to use a standard power outlet. However, you’ll need to run the Nest’s power cable down the wall and to the outlet. While this makes it unsightly, it also makes it very obvious how a criminal could very easily disable your camera by simply unplugging it.


Arlo Wireless Security Camera System – $499.99 for Four Cameras

Highly Recommended

Arlo Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: No wires at all (including power), easy setup, video quality, weatherproof, great design

Low: Lag and false motion alarms

360 Review: If you’re looking for a completely wireless security camera, Arlo is what you want. Typical security cameras require running electricity to your installation point. However, Arlo uses batteries, giving you the flexibility to install a camera anywhere you want. The battery in each camera lasts about 4-6 months. And since Arlo uses magnetic installation points, moving the camera or replacing a battery doesn’t require tools.


Swann Wireless Security Cameras – $59.99 for Two Cameras

Swann Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: IR night mode, weather resistant, easy to use, great price

Low: Video quality

360 Review: The Swann wireless security camera is the no-frills option for adding affordable surveillance to your home. They are continuously praised by owners for how easy they are to install. During the day, the Swann camera will capture color video. At night, it switches into IR dark mode, giving you crystal clear black-and-white video. Additionally, these cameras actually look like security cameras, which could help deter criminals.


ZModo Wireless Security Cameras – $99 for Four Cameras

Best Buy

ZModo Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: Price, video quality, easy setup, ease of use, great phone app

Low: software

360 Review: This wireless security camera is a low-power camera at an affordable price. HD resolution (720p) lets you see details other cameras miss, while it’s infrared night vision means you have surveillance 24 hours a day. This camera also has built-in motion sensing capabilities, and will send you a notification when it senses movement on any of your cameras. The ZModo camera can independently connect to the Internet, meaning you can watch your feed from anywhere in the world without any additional hardware.


Lorex Wireless Security Cameras – $299.95 for Eight Cameras

Lorex Wireless Security Camera

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Hi: Easy setup, easy to use, night vision, price

Low: Does not capture sound

360 Review: This is what you probably think about when someone mentions a “standard” wireless security camera system. The Lorex system gives you an entire four-camera wireless security system with DVR for less than $300. Like almost every other camera on the market, the Lorex system records in 720pHD and allows you to monitor it from your phone.


Our Choice: the Arlo Wireless Security Camera System

Arlo Wireless Security Camera

It’s easy to install and even easier to move with absolutely no cables whatsoever. Additionally, it’s small and white, letting it look right at home outside or inside your home.

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Awesome side note: You may be able to subsidize part of the cost of adding these cameras thanks to discounts from your insurance company. Give your insurance agent a call and see how much you can save by adding a wireless security camera to your home.