SOLVED: Ecobee Displays Weather Unavailable and Sad Cloud- How Do I Get Weather Information on My Ecobee?

Are you wondering why your Ecobee3 shows a sad cloud and “Weather Unavailable”? Why doesn’t my Ecobee3 display weather information? Read below to find out how to fix this bug.

Ecobee Weather Forecast

When an Ecobee3 thermostat knows your location, it will display the current temperature and a local forecast on your thermostat screen. Additionally, your Ecobee will be smart enough to include the indoor and outdoor temperature as part of the Home IQ reporting. This makes your home heating and cooling system smarter, which will lower your energy bills.

So, when I didn’t see any weather information after installing my first Ecobee3 thermostat, I was worried that it had been installed incorrectly.

Are you seeing a sad cloud on your thermostat screen, instead of the weather? There’s good news: I figured out how to fix it the Ecobee weather bug! (And it’s not your fault)

I’m sure that this fix works because I have weather on my Ecobee3 thermostat. And I know that it’s not your fault because I  had to repeat the process on my second Ecobee3 installation.

When I originally set up my Ecobee, I was asked for a location. I entered my location and completed installation, but my Ecobee still wasn’t showing weather information.

I tried unplugging my thermostat from the wall and reconnecting it, but I still didn’t see the weather. I even completely re-installed my thermostat, and removed it from HomeKit. But I was still seeing a sad cloud on my Ecobee3 screen or in the Ecobee portal.

So, I was stumped. How can I get the weather on my Ecobee3 thermostat?

Ecobee Screen

Here’s how to add weather information to your Ecobee3 thermostat:

The reason this bug exists is because Ecobee accepts this location but doesn’t store it correctly!

Here’s how you can get weather information  to display on your Ecobee screen and Ecobee Home IQ reporting:

  1. Login to the ecobee portal on your computer
    Ecobee Portal
  2. Click on the thermostat that’s not displaying the weather correctly
    Installed Ecobee3 Thermostats
  3. Click the “Settings” tile
    Ecobee Settings
  4. Click “Location” on the left menu
    Ecobee Click Location
  5. Clear out any location information that’s already there and re-enter your address. Be sure to enter your zip code.
  6. Click “save”. You should see the map update with your current location:
    Ecobee Location Settings
  7. Your location is now set! The sad cloud should be replaced with actual weather information on your Ecobee screen within a few minutes.

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